Need extra storage but don’t want to pay $99/year for a premium service?

How about getting a lifetime premium G Drive account for just a one-time payment of $25?

Check out all the features below..


⭐ UNLIMITED space of Google Drive.
⭐ UNLIMITED space of Google Photos.
⭐ UNLIMITED space of Gmail account.
⭐ UNLIMITED sharing with your friends and family.
⭐ USE APPS like Drive File Stream, YouTube, Meet and many more apps.
⭐ MANAGE teaching and learning with Classroom.
⭐ FREE lifetime support.
⭐ UPLOAD files up to 5TB each.
⭐ Use the Gmail and YouTube account with Drive.


This is a one-time payment with no other fees:

  • This is a legitimate new G-suite account.
  • This is NOT an admin account.
  • This is NOT team Drive/Shared drive.
  • This is not a shared or hacked account.
  • This is not a .EDU account.
  • NO RETURN and REFUND after you received account details.
  • If you have any question’s, just ask.
Details will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase.