YouTube Ranking Service

Our YouTube ranking service is unlike any other!  We use real people to search, click, watch and interact with your video resulting in higher rankings and more authority for your channel.


Perfect for new YouTube channels and low competition keywords.

Price:  $25


This package is popular for ranking medium to long tail keywords and launch jacking.

Price:  $50


Includes Growing package PLUS embeds to increase chances of ranking in Google.

Price:  $75


Get ahead quick! Get double the ranking power in half the amount of time.

Price:  $97


An easy way to start getting lots of authority to your new or growing YouTube channel.

Price:  $97


Promote long-term products. This 30 day package keeps you ranked longer.

Price:  $297

read below before ordering

This is not your typical “YouTube views” service.  We are a premium service that uses real people, not bots.
We tap into the elements that actually make your videos rank and builds authority to your YouTube channel!

This service is 100% safe to use.  We’ve completed thousands of orders without any issues because we use real people to interact with your video.  In fact, we even use it on our own monetized YT channels!

To get the maximum benefit, you must follow the guidelines below.

  • Properly optimize your YouTube video.  We teach you how in this tutorial.
  • Order this service within 48 hours of uploading your video.  The sooner, the better.
  • DO NOT mix our service with services from someone else or we will cancel the order.
  • Your video should be at least 2 minutes long (YouTube favors longer videos).
  • Make sure your video is ranking in the top 50 positions for your keyword after you upload it.
  • Make sure comments are enabled.  We suggest you set to auto-approve or hold for review.

Note:  We recommend to set your video comments to “Hold All Comments For Review“.  We can’t control how people comment and some of them may seem spammy.  If so, only approve the ones you want to keep.