Channel authority booster

Boost the authority of your entire channel with just one service! This is a unique service only we offer that focuses on building up your entire channels authority for ranking better and faster.

Here’s what you get with this order:

Around 30 people/day for 7 days searching, clicking, watching and interacting with random videos on your YouTube channel. You’ll get many new REAL subscribers as well as comments, likes and shares.


Make sure you follow the steps on the page below before submitting your order.

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The Authority Channel Booster service can be used on any YouTube channel, but we recommend you have at least 5 videos on the channel for the viewers to pick from to watch and interact with.

Here’s the suggested use for the this service:

  • Use to help boost the authority of any video/channel.
  • Will help boost rankings of all videos viewed.
  • Great for YouTube channels that have more than 5 videos.
You will not get a report with this service.  But you can monitor your YouTube analytics and comments for results.

Here’s what you’ll get in this service:

This service will send you 30 people per day for 7 days to search your main keyword, click your video, watch, and interact with your video (like, comment, share..etc.)  

We use this tool to help with video SEO and for tracking rankings in both YouTube and Google.


To qualify for our guarantee, you must follow the guidelines below.  This will greatly benefit your results.

  1. Enable comments or set to “Review all comments” and only approve the ones you want.
  2. It’s best to have at least 5 videos on your YouTube channel.