Frequently asked questions

If you want ranked in YouTube, you need real people searching for your keyword, clicking on your video, watching and interacting with it.  The majority of services you’ll find today don’t do this.  In fact, they use automated bots that YouTube knows are not real so you don’t get much benefit from the money you spend.

We are different.. much different!  

Our services use REAL people who use their REAL residential proxies which makes it 100% safe even for monetization.  

We have thousands of real YouTube users with real accounts that manually search the keyword you want ranked for, click your video, watch it and interact giving YouTube exactly what it wants so your video ranks higher.  You’ll even gain a lot of new subscribers.

Each service page explains what they best rank.  If you’re just getting started with a new YouTube channel or want to rank a low competition keyword, then get the “Starter” service.

If you have 5+ videos on your channel and want to rank something a bit more competitive, go with one of the “Growing” services.

If you want to rank something faster, go “Premium”.

If you want to rank something more long-term, use the “Monthly” service.

Customers from just about every niche possible use our service to rank and build authority.  This includes:

Launch jackers
Product reviewers
Business owners
Local marketing
Informational/Educational channels
Monetized channels (yes, our service is safe for monetized channels)
and much more…

We have many customers who buy our services just to build up their YouTube channels authority. 

The combination of people searching + clicking your video + watch time + interaction is what builds your channels authority.

This results in all future videos they upload to rank higher and faster with each service purchased.

We get this question a lot. To rank videos in YouTube, you must have the following:

  • A properly optimized video title, description and tags.
  • Real people who interact with your video (not bots).
  • Real people searching YouTube for the keyword you want ranked for.
  • Clicking on your video and not your competitors.
  • Watching your video.
  • Interacting with your video (comments, likes, subs, shares..etc.)
You get all of this from our YouTube ranking services but we suggest you properly optimize your videos before orders.  See our examples here.

There is no way for us to say for sure you will rank #1 in YouTube.  But we have ranked hundreds of videos #1 in YouTube. 

As long as you follow the guidelines before ordering, your video will rank higher and our services will build authority to your video/channel each time so all future videos will start ranking higher.

The more services you order, the more interaction your videos and channel will get resulting in more authority.  Over time, it will be MUCH easier for you to rank for more competitive keywords.


Once your video is ranked, it’s up to you to keep it there.  Here’s how it works..

If you provided a high quality video with a high quality thumbnail, then people will continue to click and watch your video instead of your competitors.

But.. if people click your competitors videos and watch them instead of yours, then your video may start dropping in rankings.  We can give you the boost, but the quality of your video, title and thumbnail will determine ultimately if it stays ranked.  Of course you can always purchase more of our services to boost your video back up if it does start to drop.

If you follow the recommended steps and your video is ranking in the top 50 for your main keyword when you submit your order, then you can see improvements as fast as 24 hours.  Most of our services last 3-4 days and you should see an improvement each day.

If you upload your video and it’s not ranking in the top 50 for your keyword, then you need to make your keyword longer that you want to rank for. 

For example:

If you try to rank for this keyword:

“how to rank youtube videos”

…and your video is not in the top 50, then make your video title longer.  You could do something like this:

“how to rank youtube videos fast in 2021”

Your video will still get boosted since the main keyword is still in your title but it will be easier to rank because the keyword is longer.

As your video and channel authority grows, you will start ranking for shorter keywords.


Yes.  If you follow the guidelines in each package YOU WILL improve your rankings and most of the time, you’ll end up near the top of YouTube’s search results for your main keyword depending on the competition. 

But it doesn’t always end up this way.  It is your responsibility to make sure your video is ready before we start our work.  Sometimes we have customers that would rather not take the time to follow our instructions and they don’t see much improvement.  In this case, we don’t guarantee improved results.

Gaming and Music videos can be much more complicated to rank.  You can still purchase our services to help build the authority of your videos/channel, but we don’t guarantee top rankings.  With that said, many gaming/music videos have ranked well with our service depending on the competition.

YouTube gives new videos an immediate boost to test out how well they will perform.  When you combine our interaction with a new video, you see amazing results.

We have also ranked thousands of older videos, some that are years old.  But we do not offer any guarantees when ranking videos older than 1 week.  While many of them will rank much higher using our services, sometimes they just don’t.

One tool we use frequently to help find keywords, niches, topics, and to determine competition can be found here.

We also use either VIDIQ or TubeBuddy on all our channels. They both are similar but you may prefer one over the other as there are a few differences in features.

We have thousands of our own YouTube channels which we use to do different kinds of promotions.  We use this tool to help us mass create and upload videos.

If you followed all the steps on the service page, it’s rare your video will not get a huge boost using our services no matter the type of video or niche it’s in. 

But if for some reason it does not, we will offer a full refund on your purchase.

If you submit your order WITHOUT following the steps listed on the service page, we WILL NOT refund your money if there are no improvements in rankings.

To protect ourselves, we note when videos are submitted if they’ve completed the necessary steps to qualify for the guarantee in case their video does not improve and a refund is requested.

We know it takes more time to properly optimize your videos, but you will be rewarded with higher rankings and more views.