Just getting started with a new YouTube channel or want to rank a low competition keyword? This is the service for you.

Here’s what you get with this order:

Around 20 people/day for 3-4 days searching, clicking, watching and interacting with your video (sharing, commenting, subbing).

This is EXTREMELY powerful since they’re searching using your main keyword then clicking your video and not a competitors!


Have a new YouTube channel or want to rank a low competitive keyword in YouTube?

This particular service is perfect for:

  • A brand new YT channel’s first 1-5 videos.
  • Ranking long tail keywords in YouTube.
  • Ranking local marketing keywords in YouTube.
  • Can only submit 1 URL per order.
  • Don’t use this service if you want to rank for music videos or gaming videos.

Here’s what you’ll get in this Starter service:

  • Around 60 real people (15-20/day) searching your main keyword.
  • Watching your video and interacting (leaving comments, likes, subbing..etc).
  • Spread over 3-4 days.
  • You will not get a report, but you can see results in your YT analytics and your comments.


  1. Optimize your video: Make sure your main keyword is at the beginning of your video title, description and tags.
  2. Add variations of your keyword in the description to also help rank for them.
  3. For best results, order this service within 48 hours of uploading your video.
  4. You will get best results if your video is at least 3-10 minutes long.
  5. Make sure video is already ranking in the top 50 positions before placing your order. Check at
  6. Make sure you have comments turned on.


Because YouTube is constantly updating and making changes, we can’t 100% guarantee top rankings. The majority of videos that follow the above recommendations and order the appropriate service see very successful results in both rankings and building authority which helps future videos to rank better.