How To Rank Videos In YouTube

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The Process Of ranking in youtube

In this article, I’ll be talking about how to rank videos in YouTube.  We’ll be covering a general topic for a specific product, but the process is the same regardless if you’re trying to rank for affiliate promotions, services, local marketing, real estate, review videos or any other types of videos.

Many people think that ranking in YouTube depends on embeds and backlinks.. but this is not true.  

Embeds and backlinks can increase your chances of ranking in Google, but has minimal impact for ranking in YouTube.

Ranking videos in YouTube has a different algorithm because those searching in YouTube have different intentions of those searching in Google.

For ranking at the top of YouTube, you need real people with real YouTube accounts to search for your keyword in YouTube, click on your video, watch your video, and interact with it such as commenting, sharing, liking..etc.

The more of this you have, the more relevant YouTube thinks your video is based on the keyword they are searching so your video gets moved up.

What about video seo and optimization?

Video optimization plays a big part in ranking your video(s).  This is where a LOT of people mess up.

It’s important to have your video title properly structured as well as your video description, thumbnail, and tags.  All of these help your video get ranked and noticed for your main and secondary keywords.

Here’s how I would structure my video title, description and tags.  Notice how my main keyword is at the beginning of all 3.  I also use a variation of my main keyword 2 times in the title and several variations in the description and tags.

It’s important to add several long-tail keyword variations in your description and tags as your video can also rank for those search terms in YouTube.

You can create any type of professional video thumbnails for products, services or local businesses using this online tool:


  • Make sure your video is already ranking in the top 50 results for your main keyword before ordering.

  • Don’t buy views somewhere else and mix with this service.  Most views are automated bots and will hurt your channel more than help.

  • Make sure you are using a “eye-catching” thumbnail image so it boosts your click-through rate.

  • When you add your first video on a brand new YT channel, it may not rank well (or at all).  It’s best to have several videos on your channel based on the same topic.

  • Place your order within the first 3 days of uploading your video.  YT ranks new videos best. 


Now that your video is uploaded and properly optimized, you just need to get people to it.  If you want it ranking for your main keyword, purchase one of our YouTube ranking services to get real people to search using your keyword then they will watch your video and interact through commenting, subbing, liking.. etc.